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2023年 もっと堅実でシンプルな考えのもと、自信をもって物作りができる新しいコンセプトをとロゴを一新し、一度製品になった革、長年保管されていた革など、すでに世に溢れる本革に「カワツギ(革継ぎ)」により新たな命を吹き込み、これ以上新しい革を生み出さないものづくりで自然との共存を目指します。



In 2013, tete released a leather bag based on the concept of "delicious shapes,'' which is shaped like food that everyone knows, is familiar with, and gives a warm feeling, and later experienced production in Bangladesh.

2023: Based on a more solid and simple idea, we will renew our logo with a new concept that allows you to create products with confidence. We aim to coexist with nature through manufacturing that breathes new life into our products through "kawatsugi (leather inheritance)" and does not create new leather any more.

"tete" means "head" in French, and the logo symbolizes "the imaginative space between the hands" and expresses the idea of creating things using both the hands and the head.

2013年 「美味しいかたち」 collection

2016年 「袋果」 collection

2022年 Upcycle collection


古田 佐和子
Furuta Sawako

1982年生まれ。桑沢デザイン研究所プロダクト科卒業。バッグメーカー勤務後、2013年台東デザイナーズビレッジ入居をきっかけにバッグブランド「tete」を設立。2014年より単身バングラデシュでの生産を開始しデザインから輸入卸をすべて一人で行い、年間15回、全国の百貨店でポップアップを中心にオリジナルデザインのバッグを販売。出産を機に2021年、フレンチシェフの夫とカジュアルフレンチとバッグのお店「tete cafe」をオープン。バングラデシュでの生産とパンデミクスをきっかけに「革継師」という肩書きで、新しい革を使わず既に世に出ている革の継ぎ接ぎでものづくりする、シンプルなものづくり活動で手作りバッグを再開。

Born in 1982. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design Institute Product Department.

After working for a bag manufacturer, I moved into Taito Designers Village in 2013 and established the bag brand "tete".
In 2014, I started production in Bangladesh by myself, handling everything from design to import and wholesale, and sells bags with original designs 15 times a year, mainly at pop-up events at department stores across the country.

In 2021, after giving birth, we opened "tete cafe'', a casual French and bag shop, with my French chef husband.

In addition to producing in Bangladesh, in the wake of the pandemic, I have resumed making a leather goods with the title of "Kawatsugi (leather joiner)" making products by patching together leather that is already available in the world without using new leather.

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